Organic Seedlings

This year we we will not be continually providing seedlings. However, we will be selling them during October up till Labour Weekend. Alternatively,  you can pre order them a month in advance and we will grow the seedlings for you. Orders to be sent to, pick up only at our farm stall 71 Lauries Drive, Kamo.


Fertilpot single cell pots

$2/ea or $5/3

These compostable and biodegradable pots are a superior and eco-friendly way of transplanting your seedlings. Made from wood pulp, they hold moisture well and allow the plants roots to grow outside the walls of the pots, so all you have to do is plant them in your garden pot and all! Trials have found superior performance of plants grown with Fertilpots compared to other kinds of pots.

Tomatoes cherry
Cucumber Space Master
Bean Blue Lake Runner 

Paperpot Chain seedlings

$5/6 or $9/12 seedlings

The paper pots come in a single paper chain, which is biodegradable and compostable (see picture at the bottom). All you have to do is dig a furrow, lay out the seedlings, and cover the paper cells with dirt (make sure they are well covered as they dry out easily). You can cut the chain at any point to fit inside your garden or raised beds. They are open ended at the bottom which helps prevent transplant shock and speeds up establishment.

Lettuce (Green Salad Bowl or Outredgeous)
Tat soi
Kale Squire
Radish (China Rose or Rambo Red)
Spring Onion



Growing Tips


Plant seedlings into a garden or raised beds high in compost and organic matter. Make sure they can get full sun (especially morning sun) in autumn, winter, and spring, and a little shade in summer. Good drainage and water access is important. Bury the paperpot cells (or fertilpots) completely so they don't dry out. Recommended spacing is 300mm diagonal spacing for the larger kinds of crops.

If birds or other large animals are known to be a problem, put some shade cloth (for summer, frost cloth for winter) over them or grow indoors. Top up with a liquid feed (e.g. Northland Naturals Hydrolysed Fish Fertiliser) once month.

If other pest problems occur, try some of these options: change the amount of light available, make sure watering is correct, add a liquid feed, put out slug bait traps (beer or other fermented foods work well) or crushed eggshells around them, cover with netting (shade cloth works great for moths/caterpillars and birds, and insect netting will keep most other small pests out), introducing beneficial insects (e.g. ladybirds or predator wasps), and only as a last resort, an organic pesticide (like neem or pyrethrum).

You can reduce weeding by mulching in between rows, or growing a fast cover crop to outcompete them (e.g. direct sow carrots, radishes, rocket/arugula or lettuces, or a ground cover like thyme or clover).

Ready-to-go Garden: Bulk paper pot seedlings.

Order now for a fall garden. Once you have submitted your order, we will send an invoice, and upon receiving payment, we will sow them into a paper pot chain seedling tray that week, and deliver them within 4-5 weeks. Buy a half or full paperpot tray and fill your garden with everything you need in one go.

Half Paper pot chain tray: 14m long, 132 plants (12 kinds x11), about 4m square, $50 (incl. GST)

Whole Paper pot chain tray: 28m long, 264 plants (12 kinds x22), about 8m square, $90 (incl. GST)

Sample trays: 12 varieties, 11 of each for half tray or 22 of each for full tray

Early Autum tray: broccoli, cabbage, kale, peas shiraz; pak choi, beetroot, silverbeet, celery; spring onion, radish, lettuce apache, lettuce tango.

Mesclun tray: Lettuce (little gem, apache, green salad bowl, tango); rocket, corn salad, chicory, cress; kale, pak choi, beetroot, spinach

Custom tray: any 4 large, 4 medium, and 4 small plants

To order

We do not sell directly on our website yet, so please email your orders to us at  There is no minimum order size.

Contactless pickup

Once you have emailed us your order, we will contact you to discuss a pickup day and time. Pick up will be from our farm stall at 71 Lauries Drive, Kauri, Kamo. Orders can usually be ready within 24 hours. We will email you an invoice for your order prior to pickup.

Please leave us your email address and contact phone number. Your order will be placed on the stall in a bag or box with your name on it shortly before your expected arrival time.


We do not deliver seedlings at this time. Pick up only available.

Contactless pick up for orders is at 71 Lauries Drive, Kauri.
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