Organic Produce Available January 2023

To order online: Send an email to or text 022 036 8762. Please leave name, email address, and contact number with your order. There is no minimum order size. We will contact you with an estimated time when it will be ready for pick up, usually within 48 hours

Contactless pick-up location: 71 Lauries Dr, Kamo (just off of Vinegar Hill Rd.)

Farm stall: Closed until further notice, due to not enough surplus produce. We usually sell out of most of our products at the Saturday Grower's Market between 6 and 10am. You can make an order online for pickup on Saturday between 12 and 2pm, however orders must be made at least 48 hours prior.

Deliveries: We can do a limited amount of deliveries for our local area, though we still encourage contactless pickups where possible. We can offer courier delivers in a chiller box as well especially for out-of-town customers within Northland. 
Courier within Whangarei area: $5.00
Courier to urban address: $11.20 
Courier to rural address: $16.00
Non-returnable packaging fee: +$5.80 per box
If you would like more information, please send enquiries with your delivery address to

Shops: We are selling our microgreens at several shops as well, which you can purchase any day of the week. You can find us at:
Huanui Fresh, 279 Ngunguru Road, Glenbervie 0173
Taimahi Trust, 19 Bank Street, Whangārei 0110
Putiputira, 79 Walton Street, Central, Whangārei 0110
Wholeyhealth! 1675 State Highway 1, Whakapara 0182
Stock Deli, Shop 7, Ocean Resort, 11 Marina Drive, Tutukaka
Campus and Co, 21 Gumdigger Place Whangarei Whangarei Northland 0112

Note that during the holidays, Puriputira remains open, Huanui Fresh, Wholeyhealth! and Stock Deli reopen Jan 4th, and Taimahi and Campus and Co reopen Jan 9th. We will be away from the Growers Market until Jan 14th, but will stock these shops during that time.

New Products

Orange Passionfruit: $8/300g
Micro Basil: $6/sm bag or clam
Micro Sorrel: $6/sm bag or clam
Micro Beetroot Rainbow: $6/sm bag or clam
Organic Beans: $4/small bag
Organic Fennel Sweetleaf: $1/ea
Organic Nettle: $3/50g bag
Organic Spring Onions: $2/100g bunch

Produce from Other Growers

Spray-free bananas: $8/kg
Spray-free Hass Avocados: $1/50/ea or 3 for $4

Organic Fruit

N/A till February

Organic Veggies

Organic Carrots: $5/400g
Organic Celery Medium size: $2/ea
Organic Celery Lg size: $4/ea
Organic New-season Elephant Garlic small round bulb: $3/ea
Organic New-Season Elephant Garlic Large bulbs: $6/ea (limited stock, most for seed)
Organic Green Beans: $4/300g bag
Organic Baby Mesclun: $3/100g bag (limited stock)
Organic New Zealand Spinach: $3/100g bag (limited stock)
Organic Pak Choi: $0.50/ each
Organic Shallots Small (spring onion size): $4/3
Organic Spring Onions: $2/100g bunch

Organic Microgreens

$6/ 1 bag, $5/ ea for 2 or more. 
  • Basil (New)
  • Beetroot Rainbow Lights (coming back in Autumn)
  • Broccoli
  • Buckwheat
  • Coriander
  • Dill 
  • Peas Fiji Feathers
  • Radish Green and Purple (spicy)
  • Salad Mix (contains lettuce, chicory, rocket, pak choi, amaranth, mizuna, kohlrabi, mustard, purple cabbage, pink kale, sorrel)
  • Sunflower
  • Tic bean/Broad Bean Shoots

Coming soon

Tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes, cabbage, 

Organic Eggs

Our own farm fresh eggs, fed certified organic grains spouted in certified organic whey. Also fed fish scraps form a local, sustainable fishery, farm veggie scraps, and get moved around our pasture and orchards on a regular basis for fresh grass and bugs. Chicken eggs are mixed sizes and colours, including brown, white and blue.

Organic, Pastured Chicken Eggs: $10/Dz or $5/half
Organic, pastured Duck eggs: Finished for the year

Mixed boxes

  • Small mixed veggie box (2-3 people): $20
  • Large mixed veggie box (4-5 people): $40
  • Quiche box: $20. Includes 1 doz chicken eggs (or duck upon request), plus seasonally available produce (spinach, cherry tomatoes, onions, etc.)
  • Microgreens bulk box: $30. Includes 6x $6 bags of microgreens
  • Small fruit box: Sold out until February
  • Mesclun Lover's Box: Sold out till March
  • Salad Bundle Box: Sold out till March
  • Leafy greens box: Coming Soon. Depending on seasonal availability, may include mesclun, spinach, kale, silverbeet, celery, pak choi, and kale
  • CSA Sample Box Small: $48. Sold out until further notice
  • CSA Sample Box Large: $96. Sold out until further notice

Bulk Products 

All prices include GST. If there are any crops not listed below that you would be interested in having us grow for you feel free to get in touch at

Microgreens are best kept fresh in a sealed container in the fridge between 2 and 4 degrees. We recommend putting some paper towel on the bottom to absorb excess moisture if buying bulk. They should be able to keep for 7-10 days from harvest, and sometimes can keep up to 2 weeks.

Organic Microgreens Loose on orders less than 400g (eg cafes): $7/100g large micros (radish, buckwheat, peas shoots, sunflower, tic bean; also micro salad); $10/100g small micros (broccoli, dill, coriander, basil)

Organic Microgreens Loose on orders over 400g (eg high-end restaurants, or anyone who strongly believes in supporting local and organics and is willing to pay more for them): $9/100g large micros (radish, buckwheat, peas shoots, sunflower, tic bean; also micro salad); $14/100g small micros (broccoli, dill, coriander, basil)

Organic Microgreens in compostable clam shells (for retail stores with good display): $5/ea (60g for large micros, 30g for small)

Organic Microgreens in Heat-Sealed Compostable Plastic Bags (also for retail stores, lower-cost packaging): $4/ea (60g for large micros, 40g for small

Organic Microgreens on Special: 30% off on older stock (last 3-4 days). Contact us to discuss what is available week-to-week.

Organic Nantes Carrots: $9/kg A grade, $5/kg B grade, limited stock
Organic Beans: $12/kg (summer price), limited stock
Spring Onions: $15/kg

Bulk Coming Soon

Elephant Garlic, Lebanese Cucumbers, Cherry Tomatoes Mixed, Radishes, Pak Choi, Rocket, Mesclun, Basil, Cabbages, Shallots (next year)

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