Community-Supported Agriculture

Northland Naturals CSA is a convenient, discrimination-free way to get a wide variety of fresh, seasonal, organic produce at 20% off market prices.

Dear Customers, we have decided to cancel our Spring CSA season, due to failed winter crops and an extra busy spring season this year. We hope to be able to start up again for the summer starting in December. We will still have products for sale, however we don't have enough variety at the moment for these boxes. The few things we do have, we have in large quantities however. Check out our produce page for what is available at the moment and for ordering.

What is a CSA exactly?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a mutually beneficial relationship between a local farm and a community. CSA members purchase a share of the harvest at the beginning of the season and in return receive a box of fresh, organic vegetables (or fruit) during the growing season. CSA is a model that enables small farms to compete in a market dominated by industrial agriculture. Members agree to share the inherent benefits and risks of the growing season.
Because members are committing to a share of the harvest at the beginning of the season, and to picking up on time at the chosen pick-up location, they are rewarded with approximately 20% savings off our farmer’s market prices.

How does it work?

Members receive a (reusable) box of 8-12 freshly harvested, seasonal, organic vegetables, including familiar varieties and flavourful heirlooms. There are some extra options that can be added on to the base share (see below).

The CSA seasons run for 13 weeks at a time:
  • Summer: Dec. 1- Feb. 23
  • Autumn: March 2- May 25
  • Winter: June 1-August 24
  • Spring: August 31-Nov. 23

Do you deliver?

At the moment we are pick up only. Members can pick up Wednesdays between 3:30 and 6pm at our conveniently located farm stall on Vinegar Hill, just 15 min from the Whangarei CBD and 5 min from Tikipunga. This allows for contactless, outdoor pick up, so no matter the lockdown level, you can get your freshly harvested produce.

What’s the cost?

The cost of a Northland Naturals CSA “single share” is $500 and a "double share" is $950. This is paid by direct deposit on signing our CSA agreement, or in up to three instalments by arrangement.
A single share gets you a weekly vegetable box that will feed approximately 2-3 people per week, while a double share will feed 4-5 adults or teens. Larger families can order multiple shares.
If you have recently lost a large income source because of mandates, you can apply for a worker share, where you get a reduced price for volunteering 20 hours of work at our farm per season. Please contact us directly to discuss if you would be eligible for this.

Can I choose what's in my box?

You will get a variety of seasonal produce from our farm. Part of the appeal with CSAs is not knowing what you get until it arrives. However, you can buy additional add-ons to your veggie box on a week-to-week basis. 
Add-ons must be ordered by the Wednesday before pickup. They can be paid for by cash on pick up, by bank deposit, or when you use a CSA credit (gained during “vacation weeks” when you opt out of picking up your share — a maximum of three vacation weeks are allowed per season).
Add-ons that you can purchase (that also give you a discount over market prices) include:
  • Seasonal fruit-box (e.g. avos, bananas, citrus, stone fruit, etc.): $20
  • Organic/pastured chicken egg add-on (3 seasons/year): $8
  • Organic/pastured duck egg add-on (2-3 seasons/year): $10
  • Salad box add-on: $10
  • Waima Hill Beef Box: $66*
*Availability may vary from week to week. Please send in your request for an add on 7 days before your next delivery order*

When you pick up your next box of veggies, please bring back your previous box (and any icepacks with them) so we can reuse them. If you do not, you will need to bring your own chilly bin to transport them in.

What are the benefits of a CSA?

  • Enjoy a convenient, discrimination-free way to shop
  • Get organic produce with optimal nutrition
  • Save approximately 20% off our market prices
  • See the farm where your food is grown
  • Support a farmer you know and who knows you
  • Strengthen your local economy
  • Invest in food security

How do I sign up?

Just fill out the application form below and send it back to us. Registration closes 2 weeks before the start of a new season. We will review your application and get in contact with you directly. Once it is approved, and payment is made, you will have your first veggie box ready for pick-up on the first Wednesday of each new season.

If you have any other questions, please contact us at
Northland Naturals